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Survivor Elimination Draws


This is an online elimination draw where teams of up to 6 have a chance to win up to 168 x 6-packs of Beer! The last three teams with at least one team member left will win the corresponding prizes.

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important info

  • Teams of 6
  • Enter with 1 six pack of beer ($15 min) + $20 per member (6 x 6 packs + $120 per team)
  • Beer entered must be 473 ml cans
  • Draws airing daily on FB Live between March 8-12th @9:30am/12:30pm/3:30pm
  • Registration closes March 5th



If you are in the Northumberland area beer can be dropped off at our Coburg office located at 62 Swayne St, Cobourg, ON. Drop off times are between March 2-4th between 9:30-4:00

South-West Durham

However, if you are in the South-West Durham area we will be doing pick-ups at the address you provide us with. These will also be done between March 2-4th.

Extra drop-off/pick-up days will be added as needed.

We’ll buy the beer for you

Don’t feel like leaving the house? No problem! → Send us the money and we’ll buy your teams beer for you!

  • Beer purchased by us for teams will cost $18.65 per 6 pack including taxes. For a whole team it would be $111.9.


You have the option to pay the entry fee of $120 via e-transfer, cash or credit (Mastercard/Visa). If you choose to pay with cash this can be dropped off with the beer. Please also note that each 6 pack must be a minimum of $15


  • Early Immunity: Pay an extra $10.00 when you register and you have one immunity to protect you from one elimination.


  • Game Play Immunity: If you want immunity after the games begin, you can purchase immunity for $15.00 to get your name back in the draw.
  1. If you have purchased immunity either with registration or after the game has begun your ballot will be put back into the raffle AFTER that elimination round.
  2. Game Play Immunity can be purchased after you have been eliminated BUT must be done so before the next round of eliminations to ensure your name is back in the raffle.
  3. A limit of ONE immunity can be purchased per player.
  4. Immunities cannot be used in the last day of draws

Additional INfo

  • Participants must be 19 years of age and older to play.
  • There is no limit to the amount of entries per person.
  • A limit of one immunity can be purchased per player.
  • The last day to purchase early immunity is Friday January 31st at 11:59 p.m.
  • Players may not buy back or use immunity for the final elimination draw.
  • No refunds will be issued.

Support Local

We highly encourage you to think of your local breweries when buying your beer! This makes the winning prizes more interesting AND supports a local business in your community. Below is a list of breweries within the Durham & Northumberland regions.

  • Old Flame Brewing Co. (Port Perry)
  • Northumberland Hills Company (Coburg)
  • William Street Brewery (Coburg)
  • Manantler Craft Brewing Company (Bowmanville)
  • Practically Irish Brewing Company (Bowmanville)
  • Chronicle Brewing Co. (Bowmanville)
  • Sir Monty’s Brewing Company (Courtice)
  • All or Nothing Brewhouse (Oshawa)
  • Brock Street Brewery (Whitby)
  • 5 Paddles Brewing Company (Whitby)
  • Town Brewery (Whitby)
  • Little Beasts Brewing Co. (Whitby)
  • Falcon Brewing (Ajax)

For any inquirires regarding Survivor Suds please contact Claire Camacho at: